Difficult love

Melancholy had overpowered my persona

The heart was morbid and mind daffy

Love and trust had lost its merit

The plan hadn’t worked out!


I was at war

It was me against them!


It was then

I tumbled upon your peppy brown eyes

I wanted stability, I wanted all in

You wanted more of fun and flings!

How could I trust you? How could I love you?


The dogfights, the brawls, the clashes between us

You were fighting me, I was battling with myself

Control freak me combating unforeseen change


You pushed me, I fell

I rose, I was empowered

You understand me, I don’t

You make me question the unquestioned


You are my agony, you are my pain

You repair me, you rejuvenate me

You are my roller coaster ride


I don’t know where we are headed

With you I walk with my eyes wide open

Ours is no blind trust

Oh baby, ours is a difficult love!

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My Memory Safe

Reminiscing the life I have lived so far

I came across a memory chest

Some merry, some grave, some middle-of-road

All revitalizing nonetheless


I decided to build a memory safe

The one I would visit during mirthless days


I frisked the library in search of the best one

Tired I found I could pick none

A peculiar emotion attached to each

No favorites amongst the glimpses I meet


There are memories which lift  my spirit

The times you picked me up

when the road was hard to climb

But soon,

Followed by the times you left me crying


So I am building a den bigger than my heart

For all the blissful recollections

And the joyous moments to come

I will walk across this through thick and thin

And will cherish, save and keep every bit of it


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Her Dreams

Cruising across the railway station

She stares at her own reflection

The hazel eyes full of dreams

She insolently accepts the laurels


She blinks and the siren shrieks

The reflection beclouds and so do the dreams

She hurriedly boards the train

“A doll for 100”, she screams


With pennies in pocket, her ambitions strengthen

Dazzling aspirations rejuvenate

Clouded fantasies shine from train to train

and she dreams again

Her Dream of everlasting Happiness!


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Source: GUNTHER DEICHMANN, http://gdeichmann.photoshelter.com


A tale of two aunties

Now-a-days I have to travel for an hour to reach office. It is boring as hell and I have to resort to stalking people and celebrities on Instagram. While doing the same I came across a few supposedly motivating quotes some of which are as follows:

Don’t be the girl who needs a man, be the girl a man needs


I’m a female

Fe  = Iron, Male = Man

Therefore I am Iron Man

Both of these quotes irked me. Now, call it a coincidence or whatever, during my journey back home I overheard a conversation between two aunties which went on something like this:

Aunty 1 (A1): Do you know Pushpa’s daughter got into some IIM, now she will get a wealthy groom.

Aunty 2 (A2): Oh that is nice. Good for her. Reena’s daughter has taken arts. She doesn’t need to study so hard. She is pretty which will make it easy for her to get a wealthy groom. Pushpa’s daughter doesn’t look so good so she has to work hard to get to the same level.

A1: I totally agree. After all a girl’s life would mean nothing if she is unable to get married. All this study would go to waste.

A2: Do you know Reena’s daughter-in-law cooks for the entire family?

A1: Really? She is a doctor right? Does she get so much time?

A2: Yes. But that does not matter. After all what matters is whether she is able to make her husband happy and cook for the family. Studies and money are secondary for a woman and that is reality.

Well, that indeed is reality, isn’t it? We constantly talk about changing the mindset of people around us. We get into debates about how society needs to transform and educate the girl child. For what purpose? To make her an alluring option in the paper’s matrimony section? To present her as a tempting alternative in front of a pool of wealthy grooms? Or is it to make her independent and help her dream and achieve her goals?

This also starts a new thread of thoughts in my mind. Do my qualifications, my achievements, my dreams, my objectives in life really matter? Even though we say that we as a society are evolving, will I always be seen as a minion alive to make her husband and his family happy, producing offspring for their family line? Is that the only “primary” identity attached to a woman’s life?

I hear a lot of my male friends telling us that girls should not crib, life is easy for them. Even if they do not earn, nobody is going to blame them. All they need to do is look groomed and take care of the family. However, a man would always be criticized and accused if he is unable to provide for the family. Well this is true, isn’t it? But why? Why should it not be seen as the primary duty of both women and men to provide for the family? So much for gender equality, eh?

All of the above instances break my heart. We are in motion but where are we going to reach when this ends? Are we just moving around in a circle where we will end up right where we started? Will all the efforts of my warrior friends, fighting for gender equality, get tossed into one big pile of don’t cares?

Is our attitude really maturing or is it just adjusting in lieu of the current circumstances waiting to renege as soon as the fire collapses into plain meaningless smoke? Will there ever be gender equality in its true sense? Think about it!

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Rethinking life’s choices

Like any other teenager, I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life. I took my parent’s advice and  followed a popular career path of Engineering+MBA. However, now when I look back I wonder how my life would have carved out had I done things my way.

I wanted to be a designer. I religiously followed page 3, created my own designs and pictured myself on the runway, getting introduced by the show stopper. Could I have been the next Manish Malhotra? Would I have been happier had I chosen the path less traveled? Well it’s too late for that, right? Or is it?

Lost in the thought web, I drew a few sketches. Hope you like them!



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Man maketh money? Money maketh man?

Paisa khuda na sahi par khuda ki kasam khuda se kam bhi nahi

(Translation: Money isn’t God but it isn’t less than God either)

These words from one of my professors are troubling me since morning.

I hail from a baniya family who are known for their money making mentality. But unlike my bloodline, I have grown to become a person (all credit goes to my parents) who would want to earn enough to enjoy life without worries. My childhood reinforced the fact that money can’t buy the most essential things in life. What money can buy is ephemeral. I know people who spent their lives making money for their future when there was no future. They were so deeply engrossed in the race to become a billionaire that they reached the finish line before they could enjoy the perks money could have bestowed upon them. So is life about making money? Or is it about making and improving yourself?

Now, some people say “society respects the rich“. I somewhat agree with this fact. I rarely see people talking about the not so rich personalities who live the pain with others, working each day to mitigate it, just to make this world a little bit more live-able. We sometimes call these souls the “Humans of Earth”. However, we not only remember but also preach the billionaires who show a few acts of kindness on camera for publicity. This publicity makes them more famous which in return brings more money to their coffers. These rich role models then go on to rule the world. So, does this mean that money maketh man? Well, maybe yes! It surely creates class divisions based on a person’s bank balance.

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Wait a second, let’s just look at some statistics to give some more weight to our argument that man maketh money. The Gallup World Pol reveals that people in seven developing Latin American nations are among the most likely to report being happy and feeling positive about life. Surprisingly, those who live in robust economies like wealthy, business-oriented Singapore are among the least happy people on Earth. This takes us to the conclusion that higher income is a result of higher life satisfaction and not the other way round. Correlation and causation should not be confused.

Money can buy you stuff, but can it buy you satisfaction and the feeling of being loved? Money cannot give you back the time you lost earning it, the time which you could have spent saving that delicate relationship, the time you could have utilized to learn that violin you always wanted to, the time you…

Neither money nor lack of it can save or bring back your loved ones? But the moments saved by not running after it can surely provide you with memories that you can cherish after they are gone, some peace of mind because you were there for them. I have my father with me today not because he had money which could save his life but because he had loved ones who were ready to give him theirs. He is happy today not because he could reach a high position in his professional career and make more money but because he could earn less and spend time with his family and watch them grow.

Individual thoughts may differ but the following remains true:

Time can buy money but money can’t buy time

Hence, man maketh money and money ain’t the end!